Smart Solutions for Cryptocurrency Payments

ZCorePay aims to jumpstart the crypto market by providing more security and freedom, through a set of innovative solutions for cryptocurrency payments at low fees. Check out all the solutions.

ZCore PoS Mobile

Mobile solution in physical format with capabilities to print and issue receipt of payment in cryptocurrencies.

ZCore PoS App

Solution to receive payments in cryptocurrencies, through a smartphone with Bluetooth printer.


The API developed to accept and carry out payment transactions made in digital currencies quickly and securely.



Our app is the most innovative mobile digital wallet on the market that allows you to store and buy cryptocurrencies, pay for products and services. through an easy-to-use, intuitive and secure interface.

Main cryptocurrencies are supported, as well as others which will be added in the future.


Learn more on how our payment solutions work.

ZCore POS App

It works in a practical and safe way, with no cost to purchase and you with an option of a Bluetooth printer. The payment is processed in a matter of seconds and confirmation of the transaction is immediate.

ZCore POS Mobile

The digital currency payment equipment that the cryptomarket expected, works securely and can print or send the receipt via SMS.


It is a tool developed to integrate with your current payment system and E-commecer, making it easier to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

NFC Card and Ring

The card and the ring use NFC technology, a solution that works by proximity, just approach the card or ring to one of ZCorePay solutions and enter your password for the payment to be confirmed.


Our products have the best resources so that your user experience is satisfactory and meets all your needs.


ZCorePay solutions are easy to use; you can make purchases and receive payments hassle-free and with just a few clicks.


The best low cost cryptocurrency solutions, the lowest fees available right now.


We guarantee that your transactions will be made safely and with 100% transparency. Safety is our priority number one.


Our solutions have an excellent performance in speed, safety and reliability so that there are no problems in their use.


We have the best resources in security and proximity payment so that you have an excellent experience with our solutions.


Our team is prepared to offer the best support and answer all your doubts or solve any issues that may arise.


Buy products and services with the cryptocurrencies in our portfolio.


Meet the 2020 roadmap.

Q1 2020

JAN-MAR 2020
  • -Announcement of the payment platform ZCore Pay.
  • -Acquisition of servers.
  • -Creation of the ZCore Pay API.
  • -Integration of the ZCRT token into payment solutions.

Q2 2020

APR-JUN 2020
  • -Adjustment to Local Legislation.
  • - Launch of ZCore Pay Wallet with cryptocurrencies.
  • -Integrate the payment of boleto and recharge cell phone.
  • -Integrate the sending of TED.

Q3 2020

JUL-SEP 2020
  • -Launch ZCore Pay Wallet with the option to pay boleto, cell phone recharge and TED.
  • -Launch of the ZCore Pay API for everyone.
  • -List of new currencies on the ZCore Pay platform.

Q4 2020

OCT-DEC 2020
  • -Development and Launch of ZCore Pay POS for companies and individuals.
  • -Popularize ZCore Pay solutions in the world.
  • -List of new currencies on the ZCore Pay platform.


The answers to all the questions you may have about ZCorePay.

ZCorePay was created to change the financial market, to make cryptocurrencies popular and so they can flow easily and with the lowest fees for your company. We believe in the security and freedom that the cryptomarket can provide for our customers and partners.

To convert payments received in cryptocurrencies into local currency, simply access your account on our platform and request the conversion. The amount will be sent to the bank account of your choice, and a 1.5% conversion fee will be deducted.

We offer 3 innovative solutions to receive payments in cryptocurrencies, you can use the one that best suits your company.

  • 1 - ZCore Pos Mobile: Receive Cryptocurrency in the payment machine solution.
  • 2 - ZCore Pos App: Receive Cryptocurrency, through your smartphone.
  • 3 - ZCore Pos Digital: Receive with cryptocurrencies, through the software installed on the computer.

Yes. It is available globally.